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    • Is it simple? Is the model, the tool or the leadership strategy easy to understand and implement? The Leadership Icon presents applications that reduce barriers and difficulties producing outstanding leadership outcomes.

      Is it savvy? Basically, is it smart? The persectives offered on The Leadership Icon are practical and well informed. Informed by the latest information but also embedded in concepts that have endured time.

      Does it add value? If something is significant, it is sufficiently important to be worthy of our attention. The content and processes found on The Leadership Icon exist because your business, your church or your organisation is significant and your team worthy of our attention.

    • Ps Jane Evans | Influencers Church Atlanta, USA & Adelaide, AUS

      "From the very first day I met Tracy, many years ago now, I knew she would be a friend for life. Her greatest qualities lie nestled in the fact that she is both an avid learner and a teacher all at the same time. Every conversation I have ever had with her, had several things in common. I didn't want it to end. I always came away challenged to think differently, bigger or smarter on many levels. It was authentic and real conversation. 

      Tracy has a magnetic quality that only true relationship with God brings to the human heart, she is one of the best 'thinkers' I know, but don't be fooled she is far from a theorist! She is an energetic and passionate follower of Christ who lives out each day in each circumstance, with the same vigor and passion that she desires for your life. Many people have offered to be a mentor and coach, and seriously, there are very few that actually can or do. Tracey is one of those few."

    • Ps Don Dawson | Hope City Church, Darwin, AUS

      Tracy Lilley has been a significant member of our leadership team for over 20 years. She has been an unbiased, down-to-earth and objective resource for me personally as we charted the next steps of our organisations evolution. In particular, her skill in helping me align the vision of the church with my professional and personal goals has been invaluable. She is truly a senior leader's best friend. Her expertise in working within a not for profit church context was insightful and produced outstanding results.

      Tracy is also incredibly warm and engaging. She has become a good friend and trusted collegue. Her love and belief in the local church and kingdom focused leadership is unquestionable. I would highly recommend her to you and am excited at by the potential of this new and exciting venture.

    • Ps Englyn Mutty | Paradise Church, Bali Indonesia

      I have known Tracy since I was 13 years old. My first impression when I first met her in my parents church in West Timor was that she was so nice! She became part of my family straight away. She enters into any culture or environment and intentionly brings life with a beautiful confidence focused on introducing and representing Kingdom culture.
      My husband and I are now Senior Pastors of Paradise Church in Bali Indonesia. We have been blessed to have Tracy as a part of our Leadership Team. She is the kind of person that Senior Pastors would do anything to have her on the team. She can be our best friend and she can also be our leadership coach. She plays both roles with an innate understanding of the unique role of the Senior Pastor and how to work under that authority. She is a keeper for sure!
    • Ps Peter Stewart | Heritage Community Church, Katherine AUS

      "Tracy has been a key part in helping me mature in my leadership, and personally in making the life-decisions that have enabled me to step out and live the life that I want to, rather than have to.

      I treasure her friendship and her wisdom; the most attractive aspect of who Tracy is comes from these things I've observed most - her unique insight into life combined with the fact that she actually lives by these, her desire to want to help others, and that she remains teachable."

    • Sarah Young | My Villas in Bali, Indonesia

      "Tracy Lilley is the type of woman you crave to spend time with, she is down to earth and approachable whilst still be so incredibly inspiring and challenging.

      After every meeting with Tracy I leave feeling encouraged, equipped and refocused. Tracy's strategies have taken our business venture, family dynamic and marriage to a whole new level"

    • How to Make Work Meaningful

      It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work. JIM COLLINSWork that has meaning adds value to the person and to the organisation. This means that finding meaning in the work we do, matters to people and our bottom line. To unlock the potential for work to be meaningful, no matter how mundane, there

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    • 3 Keys to Unlock a Social Revolution

      So you say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world The Beatles Leaders want to lead change. Change in the organisational culture, change in the KPIs or literally they want to change their world through innovation, service or their message. If we look to outstanding leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback

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    • Can't keep up? Six ways to simplify your social media

      The social media phenomena captivates most and overwhelms many. As leaders, the various social media platforms afford us the opportunity to tell stories, to profile programs, to build networks, to market our message and nurture a sense of community. And yet many have fallen prey to the addictive

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      What is your one big thing?

      Leadership coaching is more than a trend or a concept, it is a very real and intentional relationship. A relationship that is focused on realising specific personal and professional outcomes. When we add a clear leadership development process to an intentional coaching relationship we get results.

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      How to Find Your Focus?

      Our focus matters immensely in everything we do: the better we can pay attention, the more excellent the results – again in everything from learning to leadership. DANIEL GOLEMANWe lead in a world full of distractions, emails, door handle meetings, to do lists, Facebook notifications, phone calls,

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      Are You Practicing What You Preach?

      Another application of the Real/Ideal model is to help your team understand the importance of aligning your actions with your business or organisations values or vision. How we do things here and why. A great model to draw on a white board to reinforce that it is important for us

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      What Is Your Core Business?

      One thing I have noticed when you hang out with leaders, there is no shortage of vision! Unfortunately, in the absence of a clear framework that holds leaders accountable to the core business or vision priorities, you can end up running down a lot of rabbit trails. When there is always a bright,

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